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(Energy interference patterning of DNA)

Eliminating interfering patterns

Physical or emotional imbalances occur when there is a blockage of the vital life force energy to certain parts of the body. This can be created when we take on a negative, low vibrational belief. This is called an Energy Interference Pattern (EIP). Wherever these patterns originated from, they build up over time creating stagnant energy around our cells blocking the flow of energy.

  • Excess Weight
  • Smoking
  • Relationship Problems
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Eating Disorders
  • Phobias
  • Chronic Pain
  • Procrastination
  • Chemical Dependencies
  •  Anxiety
  • Fear of Flying
  • Insomnia
  • Bed Wetting
  • Behavioral Problems in Children and adults
  • Pregnancy & Child Birth discomfort
  • Hoarding
  • poverty consciousness...this list is not limited to the above, but EIP can help eliminate any repetitive behavior which create obstacles in our lives....

Using numbers to direct you to where the low vibrational pattern is being stored in your body, you can access the core belief which is creating the block. By a process of neutralization and creating a new manifestation, the belief is transformed into a high vibrational pattern allowing the life force energy to flow through to the part of your body which was previously blocked.
Interfering patterns of beliefs may come from a past life but may also be handed down to us from our ancestors through the DNA (cellular memory).
This powerful and very effective technique aims at locating the source of the limiting belief and cancel the old pattern of belief and replace it with a new, positive programing. As a first step, you will be going through a DNA activation.

Whilst you are in the theta state (a deep but conscious relaxation state), it is possible to "visit"  a past life or even a future life that may be relevant to the session. If you would like to experience this, please allow for additional time at least another 45 minutes. However, I do not guarantee that this process will take place, though 90% of my clients successfully access a past or future life.

I  myself came across this technique as I had been trying for many years to change a deep rooted mind set which was hindering my life on many levels. Affirmations, visualizations, were not effective as the old belief was still at play...Using EIP the progress and breakthrough were almost instantaneous and permanent.
Furthermore, as a professional  alternative healer, I noticed that some of my patients did not respond to either conventional nor alternative therapies...there was a block...I always felt that in these cases the problem was so deep rooted that it needed a more powerful technique to "extract" the problem and remove the illness, unhappiness, emotional obstacle,...
Those blocks, obstacles and interfering patterns can affect us emotionally, physically spiritually and materially...

The initial session will last from 2 to 3 hours(£100 British pounds). One session may be enough to remove the core belief interfering with our growth (material, emotional, physical or spiritual).

Please ring me for details or to find out more...07722 943539 or e-mail me.


Dear Francois

Many thanks for this.
Nothing is random in life. Since I started looking for answers to the difficult problems which I was faced with, one of the many, the loss of my dear wife. The EIP session  with Francois has brought no only the way to find solutions, but an enriching perspective into my life, the peace of mind and a turning point really. 
With Love, Light and Peace

Hi Francois,

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 is a great year for you.

I have been doing the EFT and something amazing has now happened. I feel completely different everyday. I feel very calm and at peace
and also very happy. And the most amazing thing is that the acne has gone! Its gone! It happened about 4 days ago. My skin got noticeably
clearer and since then it has been getting more and more clearer. There's only a few marks (scars) from where the spots used to be.
But I dont get any new spots on my face anymore and the painful and itchy skin has completely gone! I no longer fear looking in the mirror.

Ive also been applying for jobs (like I said) and my relationship with my parents has got better. Ive started sitting at the dinner table and eating
dinner with them (rather than sitting in the front room by myself). And I also talk and joke around with them more now. Also, in the past,
I felt angry and restricted and used to think my parents were to blame. But the other day, when we were sitting at the dinner table, I had the courage to tell them
that I was going to look for jobs elsewhere in the country and therefore move out. I was worried because I always thought they wanted me to stay
at home and get a local job so I can save money, but they were fine with it. My mum even said they wouldn't mind if I moved country! All this time,
I was feeling restricted and getting angry, but I have been completely free to do what I want. I couldn't believe it! I think it shows that all my problems
were in my head, and were not actually existing in reality. The change has been amazing, everyday i feel so calm and im also praying and being grateful and
thankful for everything that I have. Ive been having lots of dreams recently as well (every single night for the last 2 weeks). I think they are helping as well,
but i dont understand the science behind how. The EIP and EFT has completely changed my life. My emotions are now positive and stable. And the acne has gone!

Im so grateful for your help Francois, the acne and negative emotions were dominating my life and stopping me from being happy. And now
I am free, thanks to you. I will continue with the EFT everyday, I find it very powerful, it works instantly to make me feel relaxed about something that im anxious about.
Thank you so much Francois, I am so grateful for your help, my life has changed because of you. Let me know your thoughts and how you are doing,

Best Wishes,
(This client had one session of EIP followed by EFT at home (Tapping). The whole process took 20  days from start to finish


Firstly I was amazed at how easily I reached a state of true relaxation. I cannot remember having ever felt so still inside.

The experience and feedback were good starting points for reflecting on aspects of my life and I was able to do so with a new detachment, this helped in seeing some things in a new light.
I would advise others that although this technique may not cause any immediate revelations and sudden changes ( which would be quite scary!) it has produced improvements in my daily life.
I have noticed myself doing things or thinking thoughts which were not conducive to my well-being and corrected or questioned myself as it was happening.
I also notice when I am doing well and mentally appreciate myself for it.
My job requires that I speak in public and train clients on the use of IT systems within the financial environment.
Although already confident in my role I have noticed that the stress levels for particularly demanding jobs are nowhere near as high as before. The best thing is I simply get on with what I have to do feeling just fine, no false sense of any "superpower". 
This leaves me with a feeling of comfort and calm within myself.
I hope this will be the beginning for more discoveries along this path."
Sylvia, London 

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