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Right...we are now facing the crisis mentioned some months ago on this forum. What is the likely outcome of the latest political events and what is in store for the Prime Minister.


The five of wands indicates and confirms that Gordon Brown is battling for his survival...but surprisingly enough, he appears to be temporarly under a very positive and protective influence. he will therefore be able to fend off his ennemies and remain in power for the time being. Nevertheless the 9 of swords in his spread indicates some stressful and very restrictive times ahead. He may have won a battle but perhaps not the war...there is a very strong possibility now to have an anticipated, early elections, possibly within the next 6 months. (the Fool). Whatever the situation may be, the prime minister may find it impossible to have an effective influence on the way the country is run and the situation may come at a standstill...it may become worst before it gets better.

As mentioned earlier on (last year in October) the indication points to a complete change of direction and a new leader will emerge...much more compassionate and in tune with the people. This change, I feel, will be a breath of fresh air for the country (judgement) and the opportunity for a new and fresh start. The magician also indicates some very important and decisive times for the country and the need for a new start and a new leader who will take a firm grip on the situation of the UK.

All this will benefit the country immensly , though it may take time to get back anywhere near as we were a few years ago...if at all.

Please note that I personaly have no political affiliation whatsohever but the indications point to a massive  (positive) change for the UK...hold on tight...


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