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Psychic reading not going according to what is predicted…

On a very similar subject, I would like to share 2 examples of free will at work, and how we can change destiny or at least how we can change potential future and predictions.

Some years ago, a client emailed me for a reading on her job situation. She was a single mother, looking for work. My prediction to her was that she would have an opportunity within one month time but she would have to grab this offer, and ask questions later, so to speak. The important factor, Isensed, was to really grab this offer as quickly as possible,message  which I shared with her. 6 months later, I received, through email, the same question from the same person. I then asked her to give me an update on the earlier prediction.She then admitted that she did get a job offer within 1 month, as predicted. However, she was concerned about child care arrangements and took 3 days to confirm her acceptance. Needless to say, that within that time the job was offered to someone else…the worst being that, unknown to her, this company was providing childcare for their employees.

Was the prediction wrong? No, simply that she decided to usea freedom of choice to “manifest” another outcome…

Another similar example…

 Early 2008, a client asked me whether she would successfully sell her house. The answer was that she should put her house on the market through the estate agent as soon as she cameout of this meeting with me…right away. This message, I felt was very urgent,and I shared this with her.

A month had past and I got a feedback from her saying that she did not put her house on sale the same day, as she wanted to ask for confirmation from her ex husband (she did not even have to do that, legally!).The husband what on holiday at the time and came back some 10 days later…this was the time when the so called credit crunch took place and within a week the scenario had completely changed. The property market was stagnant!  She did not sell the house but gave it on rent instead…Once again, the potential future was altered, due to not acting on time, through free will.

So, the so called “future” is only a (strong) potential but it is within our freedom to alter it for the better or the worst…




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