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Destiny vs free will

Ever since I started this work, many years ago, one of my focuses has been the subject of destiny versus free will. What part does destiny play in our life and how much of free will do we have? From early days, my Spirit Guides did mention that the future as such does not “exist”, it is all a potential as we can make or break the potential ahead according to what decisions and actions we take in the present…hence the present is important.

In 2009 I was faced with the practical implications of understanding this concept…let me explain.

That year, my twin brother, sadly, passed away. We were  "identical" twins,born only 20 minutes apart. Our life took a very similar pattern…up top the ageof 16, when it appears life took a major divergence. My brother decided to join the air force at aged 16…and this was the beginning of a long, downward spiral to destruction. I myself decided not to join the forces and concentrate onanother path, as I felt, already at the time that this was not an auspiciouspath to take.

To cut a long and sad story short, everything that could go wrong in his life did…bad company, divorce, accidents, trouble with the police,liver failure due to tainted blood transfusion, alcoholism that saw him struggling financially all his life. Towards the end, he had been off work through depression for over a year, was broke with piles of debts. Two heart attacks eventually put an end to his sufferings. As for me, I have had a pleasant, rich and fulfilling life, spending many years in India at thepeak of my career. Of course, like everyone I have had my ups and down but nothing like what my twin brother experienced.

As one can imagine, I started to ponder about the greater meaning and implication of this events and I then asked an astrologer to look at both our astrological charts and try to identify if astrology could explain such a wide divergence even though we shared an (near) exact chart. After sometime, his feedback was that according to the charts, he could not give an explanation; neither could any of his colleagues to whom he had referred the case, except that to put it down to  (misuse of) free will. This made a lot of sense to me and put validation and closure onto that subject that had taken much of my attention for many years, I now know that we are all born with a potential to fulfil, but it is up to us, through the correct use if free wil land free choice, to make the most of it. And any challenges can be overcome,not matter how serious it might be…

I would like to invite feedback from astrologers on thistopic, if you wish…




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