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For those who are fond of  celebrities gossips...What is going on in this relationship? Well there are legal issues coming up, no doubt. There may be talk of physical separation but these two individuals are very much together emotionaly. There is a strong connection in this scenario. I feel (and fear) that this "breakup" may affect both of them in a big way, perhaps katie Price (jordan) more particularly and she may sink into depression for a while. She may be out of the limelight for some time and wanting to be left alone. She is a very sensitive soul behind all the "front" and exuberance that she demonstrates at regular intervals.

Family is a very important concept for both of them, and I feel they will do their best to keep the family and children together or to do as less damage as possible for the kids sake.

Reconciliation...getting back together at some stage? It is very much a possiblity. I do feel that this decision was taken on the spur of the moment and was not thought through, though some saw the signs of something not quite right some months ago . Both may well think, at some stage, that it was a "foolish" decision and action.

Their connection is strong and it is possible that they may reconnect by next year (2010).

let us wish them the very best...


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