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Here is my take on this case, in reply to a query/comment from one of the member.

...Interesting subject. The day before the end of the trial I received a strong and clear message that she would be let off...however I had not really gone down to "know/see" if she was actually guilty. I have done that now, following your email as this is something I wanted to do at some stage. I have drawn a few cards from the Psychic tarot to help me and connect to the issue and to her energy...see what cards came through....1. the card titled "triumphant success"...(ace of swords)2. The card titled "Truth" . (Judgment)3. The card titled "Love begins" (Ace of cups)

There is no doubt that she is not guilty! The first 2 cards are about truth, triumphant truth. 2 aces were drawn, indicating new beginnings for her.They are very positive and there are no indication of malice, or lies etc.I have drawn these cards in a neutral state of mind and I must stick to this verdict (from above)...she is innocent and was telling the truth, at least she did not initiate the killing.


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