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Western Somoa... Western Somoa islands could be hit by an ecological or natural disaster at some stage and all its entire population may need to be relocated...mainly in Australia. This could take place 2 years from now, or within the next 2 years.I had to do some research upon channeling this info, as I am not familiar with somoa islands or this part of the world. This concerns western somoa in particular (this was very clear).Time will tell but it is a major event(if it happens)Another piece of information channeled recently..

.The price of oil (petrol). It is likely that the wholesale price of petrol will rise, pushing many people to the brink financially. many governments, as well as the UK may now seriously consider and work towards alternative to oil, as they may feel that it is not viable any more and will not want to be manipulated any more...We can expect a big push for the production of alternative energy.Time scale...? 2011 perhaps, at least the start/trigger will take place soon.Time will tell... .The USA..

.Please refer to the blog on the website  dated January 2009.This is what I said at the time..

"...A quickfeedback for my Americans clients (I did promise them!). Obama, what will behis influence on the USAand the world? Right away we can see TREMENDOUS potential for him and thecountry (3 Aces and the Magician in the spread). In many respects he is a“dream come true” for many people both at home and abroad, lots of hopes andexpectations. The sense of Justice comes through very strongly and many“wrongs” of the past policies (the past history of America) will be rectified. This couldbe beneficial to all minorities. Having said that, I feel that he may not beable to achieve as much as he wishes to, and that may cause him some regrets orperhaps even a “sense” of failure. Nevertheless, Obama will be the trigger forpushing the USAinto a new era and into the next stage of its history. ..More to follow..."President Obama is now facing much obstacle and his political life and survival is now in doubt...many people have lost faith. There is no magic wand in this scenario and every country in the world is facing or having to face up to restrictions and recession. nevertheless, the US will go through major changes over the next few years and domestic problems will be the major concern of the government. International affair may take more of a back seat so to speak...I will later in the month, give more insight into this issue...

This was originaly published in the deember 2010 newsletter.(please refer to it)




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your post is very informative :)

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