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Hello to all and also to all the new members who have joined recently. I would like to give a quick update on the situation, here in the UK. Last year I wrote..." My reading on this topic indicates that it will affect the UK more than any other country in Europe and will last for some time, at the very least for the next 2 years...". Unfortunately it has now come to pass, as the USA is officially out of recession as well as many of our European "brothers". The UK is now the"sick man "of Europe as mentioned in the TV program Question Time.As mentioned also previously there can now only be one solution...a change of government which is now inevitable. Looking ahead it appears that the labour party will bow down and fall into disgrace and oblivion. What will come to light then (when the next party takes over)is how deep the damage has been, much more that we are led to believe.

As per numerology, the year 2010 is a universal year 3. What does that implies? A vibration 3 brings a relief from previous restrictions and delays and it will be a welcome boost for many countries...recovery ?  yes to some extent. The mood of the people on the whole will be more buoyant and cheerful. International trade should regain momentum over the next 12 months. I will be posting more about this as we approach the new year. I will be looking more closely at the UK and also the USA as we have many US citizen joining this site nowadays.

I also want to put my attention on the situation in Afganistan. More posting will follow soon. Wishing all the members a great week end!


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