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february 2011 newsletter

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 3:45 PM




Please note that I will be out ofthe UKfrom February 15th to March 4th. All services aresuspended until I return. This includes the free readings, face to facereadings and all e-mail and phone services.

Please feel free to contact me after March 4th.


2011 so far…

Weare now well into the year and many people have found the first few months hardgoing so far for many reasons . Many also find it difficult to get motivated orare faced with many nagging problems.

This comes with the energies of a number 4 universal year as was mentioned in one of the earliest newsletter. A number 4 year feels “serious” with perhaps not much of a sense of fun. Much can be achieved though, but it will be achieved throughhard work and much organization.

It appears, many of us are feeling this…


Cosmic ordering…does it work?

Cosmic ordering has been popular for some time now, but this concept can bemisunderstood and lead to disappointments. Books like “the Secret” have done much to popularize this concept but more and more people are now realizing and complaining that it does not work, a new book has also come out to support thisnotion.

It does not mean that cosmic ordering does not work, but one very crucial piece of information was “omitted” in such books. In order for cosmic ordering or “wishlists” to deliver, we must remove any negative subliminal message “running” in our subconscious.

We have all heard such expression as “no pain, no gain”, or I must” work hard tomake a living” etc. In the west, this is particularly relevant as most of ushave grown with parents who suffered deprivations in the war and have passed onto the next generation a message of lack, deprivation and sacrifice. Many have taken on this message on a subconscious level where it interferes with ourconscious mind. Removing this message through our conscious mind and will powe  rmay not work and positive affirmations may only work temporarily before the person falls back into the previous limiting beliefs.

I have ventured to mention this as more and more people are now voicing their doubts on this method. It has also been one of my main preoccupations for many years, as I tried to remove a very stubborn limiting belief that was formed ina previous incarnation.

Thesecret?? E.I.P was the miracle tool for me. It works on many layers and theeffects and benefits are felt well after the session has taken place.

More info…http://www.freewebs.com/lotusfeetwellness


The next newsletter will deal with fear both on the individual and collective leveland what we can do about it.




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