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August newsletter

Posted on August 13, 2010 at 4:49 AM

Welcome to this August edition. Much has taken place since the last newsletter, both in the UK and on the global scene.


We had a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse in June 2010.The effect of this has been mainly felt on the emotional/relationship level and many couples have..broken up. This need not be a permanent state but it appears many relationships have been put to the test and the weak ones have broken, or at least a transition period is taking place.

This effect is likely to last for a while...

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, blame it on the sky!!!(to some extent)


What is new at Lotus Feet?I am offering a reduced price face to face reading at the Barking/Dagenham location. The usual rate is £30 for an hour (+) reading. I will be offering this @£20 for an hour reading. Past clients also know that I usually extent the reading well over the allotted hour...I want you to go from this reading with ALL your questions answered.

Please mention the August newsletter when booking!(The nearest main train station is Chadwell heath from Liverpool Street/Stratford)


We are now all well aware of the floods in Pakistan, but i want to draw the attention to potentially similar or worst situation likely to happen in China over the coming months.

China has been in my attention for some reason and many messages about this country continue to come through. One indication is that China will continue to do well (very well) economically much better that expected and this will push the country into the top league.

I also feel that China will take the ecological/environmental issues very seriously at some stage and will become very aware and very active in redressing the situation. We all know that right now China has been deaf to ecological concerns...this will change! Perhaps within the next 2 years.

The coming years will also see a rise in discoveries of ancient civcivilisationsd cultures, particularly on the Indian subcontinent. I feel that many will be discovered mainly under water, confirming the theory that there was at some point in time a massive rise in water level that all cultures have talked about...


There is one point that I wanted to talk about...2012 and the coming energies surrounding this period and beyond. Please "Google" 2012 and the Mayan calendar if you are not familiar with the subject. I have been shown that many, many people throughout the world will seek a higher spirituality (not religion!) and many of you will be travelling far and wide to search for it. Many will be traveling to the Himalayas particularly and other sacred places throughout the world. The material world will cease to be the main "attraction". As I have related in some of my early posts (that you can read on my website), I am not confident everyone will go with the flow and adapt to the new,Higher vibration, but most of us will...(the portal to the Golden Age)

On the astrological side we are now crossing a mercury retrograde period, and this could lead to delays in all pending or ongoing matters, lost mail and messages, misunderstanding about all forms of communication, troubles relating to travel (BA is planning a strike as early as next week!), and any such matters related mainly to communication and travel...be aware. It may be wise to wait till the end of this phase to push ahead with important projects...


Wishing you lots of blessings,


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