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April Newsletter

Posted on May 2, 2010 at 6:33 AM

Welcome to the April newsletter...and to Spring,


This newsletter is being sent in a new format..still very much work

in progress till I get used to the system!

Well the year is now well underway and much has been happening


In this newsletter I will spend some time on a few changes taking

place on the website.


www.lotusfeettarot.com - http://


Option 5 on the E-mail reading section (the 12 months projection)

will be revised to £35 from next month.(May) This will incorporate a

deeper breakdown month by month and will include a 4 months follow up


This will give the client the option to ask for an update or

additional details at any time within this period. I feel this is

particularly relevant and helpful when events mentioned are just

about to take shape..a way of making sure you are on the right track!


UK elections...what is in store?

well, I have drawn 3 cards for the Tarot (the psychic tarot deck) to

get an insight into the potential ahead for each of the main parties.

Labour, the present government represented by the card

"transformation" (death in other decks)

The Tory party represented by the card "Triumph" (The chariot in

other decks)

other alternative parties represented by the card "moving on" (the 6

of swords in other decks).

well, it appears to be fairly straightforward...I leave the reader to

make his own "reading". You will also be able to read an earlier post

on this subject on the website in "predictions"

Blessings to all


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