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2012...what does it mean?

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 7:41 PM

2012 is fast approaching but what is the significance of thisparticular year and date (21.12.2012). Most of you would have read or been made aware that the ancient Mayan and other traditions (the IndianHopis amongst them) devised "perpetual" calender but it ends in 2012.Is this the end of the world? (...it did not happen in 2000 as fearedby many).

I thought I would seek guidance from the ancientChinese oracle, the I-ching and get words of wisdom from its text and see what message it gives about this very significant year. I haveasked the YI (short for I-ching) "What will be the impact of the year2012 for humanity?"

Hexagram 49 was drawn with changing line at 1 and 4 giving rise to hexagram 39.

Letus examine 49 called KO, which translate into "CHANGE", "REVOLUTION".The main message of KO is of significant change. It concerns cycles and changes brought about by those different cycles. The hexagram also speak of significant change in attitude. The hexagram indicates that because these changes are cyclical, we have to accept them, it is futile to fight them. The analogy here is that of the change of seasons and how we have to adapt, in this case of huge change in a particularcycle of evolution and particularly spirituality. The key words for KO are transformation and radical change. it is time to give up the old and make way for the new, so to speak. Humanity is on the brink of making a quantum leap. The original ancient text associates thisprocess with animals moulting and shedding their skins or fur completely. So what can we make out of this message. Well, to my mind (and other people as well) 2012 will be the trigger for a huge shift and rise in consciousness and a complete change from the way we live.The old establishments will be challenged...this process has alreadybegun with the collapse of the banking system...and I will also refer you to one of my early write up on this subject which you can find on this same forum...The banking system is just the beginning, other outdated and "corrupt" systems will fall by the wayside. Many people will agree that this process of transformation and cleansing has started some years back already but the YI seems to indicates that it will culminate in this particular year and perhaps more so on that particular date...perhaps?

Changing line at number one indicates that change is now inevitable, there is no viable alternative.Changing line at 4 indicates that changes are quite profound. The main message in line 4 is of right moral codes and right ethics. Again to me it sends a message of the "corrupt" being exposed and phased away. what iscorrupt in this world...well if we are honest, quite many things...thebanking system, governments blind to the ecological disaster we are heading for, overproduction based on greed, man made religions instilling fear and separation amongst their followers, ...and i will let the reader complete this list with their own additions (please let me know by taking part in this chat).

It is quite a challenge for humanity, no doubt but we must go with the flow. Will every one of us on this planet be part of this huge transformation? perhaps not, as there will always be the old guard clinging on to the old ways and not willing to move on...but for humanity as such we are due for a huge"kick up the backside" but it is all for the best and is a hugely positive and progressive process. As the snake sheds its skin when it"grows", so does humanity right now...a rebirth really...much more can be said of course. i will add a comment on the rising hexagram (39) inthe next few days...i will also attempt at some stage to analyse thisevent through the science of numerology.


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