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August newsletter

Posted on August 13, 2010 at 4:49 AM

Welcome to this August edition. Much has taken place since the last newsletter, both in the UK and on the global scene.


We had a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse in June 2010.The effect of this has been mainly felt on the emotional/relationship level and many couples have..broken up. This need not be a permanent state but it appears many relationships have been put to the test and the weak ones have broken, or at least a transition period is taking place.

This effect is likely to last for a while...

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, blame it on the sky!!!(to some extent)


What is new at Lotus Feet?I am offering a reduced price face to face reading at the Barking/Dagenham location. The usual rate is £30 for an hour (+) reading. I will be offering this @£20 for an hour reading. Past clients also know that I usually extent the reading well over the allotted hour...I want you to go from this reading with ALL your questions answered.

Please mention the August newsletter when booking!(The nearest main train station is Chadwell heath from Liverpool Street/Stratford)


We are now all well aware of the floods in Pakistan, but i want to draw the attention to potentially similar or worst situation likely to happen in China over the coming months.

China has been in my attention for some reason and many messages about this country continue to come through. One indication is that China will continue to do well (very well) economically much better that expected and this will push the country into the top league.

I also feel that China will take the ecological/environmental issues very seriously at some stage and will become very aware and very active in redressing the situation. We all know that right now China has been deaf to ecological concerns...this will change! Perhaps within the next 2 years.

The coming years will also see a rise in discoveries of ancient civcivilisationsd cultures, particularly on the Indian subcontinent. I feel that many will be discovered mainly under water, confirming the theory that there was at some point in time a massive rise in water level that all cultures have talked about...


There is one point that I wanted to talk about...2012 and the coming energies surrounding this period and beyond. Please "Google" 2012 and the Mayan calendar if you are not familiar with the subject. I have been shown that many, many people throughout the world will seek a higher spirituality (not religion!) and many of you will be travelling far and wide to search for it. Many will be traveling to the Himalayas particularly and other sacred places throughout the world. The material world will cease to be the main "attraction". As I have related in some of my early posts (that you can read on my website), I am not confident everyone will go with the flow and adapt to the new,Higher vibration, but most of us will...(the portal to the Golden Age)

On the astrological side we are now crossing a mercury retrograde period, and this could lead to delays in all pending or ongoing matters, lost mail and messages, misunderstanding about all forms of communication, troubles relating to travel (BA is planning a strike as early as next week!), and any such matters related mainly to communication and travel...be aware. It may be wise to wait till the end of this phase to push ahead with important projects...


Wishing you lots of blessings,


June newsletter

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 7:01 PM

      LOTUS FEET TAROT NEWSLETTER                                                             JUNE 2010



Lotus Feet Tarot newsletter. June 2010. Well here we are...approaching the summer Solstice.

Much has already happened in the UK and throughout the world and much of it has been challenges and natural disasters (and man made disasters in the USA). I will come back to these issues in the next newsletter and also to the significance of the emerging energies coming through in 2012.


In this newsletter I will spend some time exploring the concept of FREE WILL, which is often misunderstood.

For those of you who have had readings from me, you may well  be aware that I always stipulate at the outset that the future is not written in stone but can change according to the decisions and actions we take....but what does it all mean really? What is the part of Destiny or Fate and what is the part of free will?

Now, I believe  in giving  real life examples and that is what I will do here in a simple and clear manner.

The first example which springs to my mind is the case of a lady who contacted me about job/career issue. She was unemployed and wanted to know if and when she would get into employment. As i connected to her and the issue via the cards, I specifically told her that an opportunity would come through very soon, within one month...but she would have to seize the opportunity, be quick and spontaneous about "grabbing" the offer.

She contacted me again some 4-5 months later about the same question.(when will she get a job?). On enquiring to her about the outcome of the previous reading, she "admitted" that she did in fact get a job offer within a few weeks of her communication but that she took 3 days to make her mind up into accepting the offer. She was originally concerned about childcare (as a single mother), hence the delay and hesitation.In the meantime the job was offered to another candidate...and she found out later that childcare WAS being provided by this firm.

Now, was my reading wrong or inaccurate?...No, all the factors were in place as announced at the time but this person used her free will to bypass the advise that was offered and consequently another, alternative outcome was created. Does that make sense? We always have a choice and no one will be forced to do things. The Angels and Higher beings will never transgress our freedom (free will), hence the "future" is only a POTENTIAL .

I do admit that there are circumstances and cases where destiny and fate play a major role and  is difficult to escape  (either way-positive or negative) and this will be made very obvious to the reader and the psychic. Nevertheless there are ways and methods to lessen the impact in the case of negative potential ahead which the reader would make the client aware of.

For the second example I will take my own case and i will need to be open about some issues very close to my heart. My twin brother passed away 2 years ago and it was a shock for me as we were born only 20 minutes apart...they say that things happen simultaneously to twins...hence my concern. I contacted a friend of mine, an astrologer and gave him all our exact and accurate data  to draw both our astrological charts. I must point out at this stage that though we shared many similarities in our life, the main theme was very different....his life had always been very challenging, sad and full of tribulations. I won't go into the details but basically whatever could go wrong in someones life did go wrong. Mine on the other hand has been full of blessings, auspiciousness and happiness.

The charts came back and ...we shared EXACTLY the same astrological chart, with no difference whatsoever!! Now, how to explain that? Free Will is a theory I have been exploring for the last 10 years now and to me it made complete sense (unfortunately!)

Though you had 2 individuals who were supposed to share the same life path and life experience, one decided to go "the wrong path" mainly by associating himself with the wrong crowd so to speak. This astrologer friend and I had a long brainstorming about this and we could only come to this conclusion as well.

To me it was an eye opener and perhaps the final justification and validation of this theory, though obviously I would have preferred to have validated it in some other ways.

I have opened this confidential matter to you, the readers and members, only to really hammer down this point that free will applies to such an extent....I do firmly believe that the reverse is also possible (ie. that a so called inauspicious astrological chart or destiny can be overcome to some extent with the proper methods and techniques...miracles do happen!)  

Food for thought, definitely.

I would actually welcome any members questions or even testimonials or similar findings on the issue....please feel free to open a discussion.

To terminate this newsletter and this topic and would like to mention that relationship questions and issue can be subject to much fluctuation due to this FREE WILL business. In this case TWO people will exercise this freedom (free will and free choice). Such has been my observations and of many of my colleagues.




April Newsletter

Posted on May 2, 2010 at 6:33 AM

Welcome to the April newsletter...and to Spring,


This newsletter is being sent in a new format..still very much work

in progress till I get used to the system!

Well the year is now well underway and much has been happening


In this newsletter I will spend some time on a few changes taking

place on the website.


www.lotusfeettarot.com - http://


Option 5 on the E-mail reading section (the 12 months projection)

will be revised to £35 from next month.(May) This will incorporate a

deeper breakdown month by month and will include a 4 months follow up


This will give the client the option to ask for an update or

additional details at any time within this period. I feel this is

particularly relevant and helpful when events mentioned are just

about to take shape..a way of making sure you are on the right track!


UK elections...what is in store?

well, I have drawn 3 cards for the Tarot (the psychic tarot deck) to

get an insight into the potential ahead for each of the main parties.

Labour, the present government represented by the card

"transformation" (death in other decks)

The Tory party represented by the card "Triumph" (The chariot in

other decks)

other alternative parties represented by the card "moving on" (the 6

of swords in other decks).

well, it appears to be fairly straightforward...I leave the reader to

make his own "reading". You will also be able to read an earlier post

on this subject on the website in "predictions"

Blessings to all


update on the UK situation

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 8:05 PM

(This was first posted on the forum on 30/10/2009)

Hello to all and also to all the new members who have joined recently. I would like to give a quick update on the situation, here in the UK. Last year I wrote..." My reading on this topic indicates that it will affect the UK more than any other country in Europe and will last for some time, at the very least for the next 2 years...". Unfortunately it has now come to pass, as the USA is officially out of recession as well as many of our European"brothers". The UK is now the"sick man "of Europe as mentioned in theTV program Question Time.As mentioned also previously there can now only be one solution...a change of government which is now inevitable.Looking ahead it appears that the labour party will bow down and fall into disgrace and oblivion. What will come to light then (when the next party takes over) is how deep the damage has been, much more that we are led to believe.

As per numerology, the year 2010 is a universal year 3. What does that implies? A vibration 3 brings a relief from previous restrictions and delays and it will be a welcome boost for many countries...recovery ?  yes to some extent. The mood of the people on the whole will be more buoyant and cheerful. International trade should regain momentum over the next 12 months. I will be posting more about this as we approach the new year. I will be looking more closely at the UK and also the USA as we have many US citizen joining this site nowadays.

I also want to put my attention on the situation in Afganistan. More posting will follow soon. Wishing all the members a great week end!


Gordon Brown

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 7:58 PM

(This was first posted on the forum on the 06/05/2009)

Right...we are now facing the crisis mentioned some months ago on this forum. What is the likely outcome of the latest political eventsand what is in store for the Prime Minister.


The five of wands indicates and confirms that Gordon Brown is battling for his survival...but surprisingly enough, he appears to be temporarly under a very positive and protective influence. he will therefore be able to fend off his ennemies and remain in power for the time being.Nevertheless the 9 of swords in his spread indicates some stressful and very restrictive times ahead. He may have won a battle but perhaps notthe war...there is a very strong possibility now to have an anticipated, early elections, possibly within the next 6 months. (theFool). Whatever the situation may be, the prime minister may find itimpossible to have an effective influence on the way the country is run and the situation may come at a standstill...it may become worst before it gets better.

As mentioned earlier on (last year in October)the indication points to a complete change of direction and a new leader will emerge...much more compassionate and in tune with the people. This change, I feel, will be a breath of fresh air for the country (judgement) and the opportunity for a new and fresh start. The magician also indicates some very important and decisive times for thecountry and the need for a new start and a new leader who will take afirm grip on the situation of the UK.

All this will benefit the country immensly , though it may take time to get back anywhere near as we were a few years ago...if at all.

Please note that I personaly have no political affiliation whatsohever but the indications point to a massive  (positive) change for the UK...hold on tight...



2012...what does it mean?

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 7:41 PM

2012 is fast approaching but what is the significance of thisparticular year and date (21.12.2012). Most of you would have read or been made aware that the ancient Mayan and other traditions (the IndianHopis amongst them) devised "perpetual" calender but it ends in 2012.Is this the end of the world? (...it did not happen in 2000 as fearedby many).

I thought I would seek guidance from the ancientChinese oracle, the I-ching and get words of wisdom from its text and see what message it gives about this very significant year. I haveasked the YI (short for I-ching) "What will be the impact of the year2012 for humanity?"

Hexagram 49 was drawn with changing line at 1 and 4 giving rise to hexagram 39.

Letus examine 49 called KO, which translate into "CHANGE", "REVOLUTION".The main message of KO is of significant change. It concerns cycles and changes brought about by those different cycles. The hexagram also speak of significant change in attitude. The hexagram indicates that because these changes are cyclical, we have to accept them, it is futile to fight them. The analogy here is that of the change of seasons and how we have to adapt, in this case of huge change in a particularcycle of evolution and particularly spirituality. The key words for KO are transformation and radical change. it is time to give up the old and make way for the new, so to speak. Humanity is on the brink of making a quantum leap. The original ancient text associates thisprocess with animals moulting and shedding their skins or fur completely. So what can we make out of this message. Well, to my mind (and other people as well) 2012 will be the trigger for a huge shift and rise in consciousness and a complete change from the way we live.The old establishments will be challenged...this process has alreadybegun with the collapse of the banking system...and I will also refer you to one of my early write up on this subject which you can find on this same forum...The banking system is just the beginning, other outdated and "corrupt" systems will fall by the wayside. Many people will agree that this process of transformation and cleansing has started some years back already but the YI seems to indicates that it will culminate in this particular year and perhaps more so on that particular date...perhaps?

Changing line at number one indicates that change is now inevitable, there is no viable alternative.Changing line at 4 indicates that changes are quite profound. The main message in line 4 is of right moral codes and right ethics. Again to me it sends a message of the "corrupt" being exposed and phased away. what iscorrupt in this world...well if we are honest, quite many things...thebanking system, governments blind to the ecological disaster we are heading for, overproduction based on greed, man made religions instilling fear and separation amongst their followers, ...and i will let the reader complete this list with their own additions (please let me know by taking part in this chat).

It is quite a challenge for humanity, no doubt but we must go with the flow. Will every one of us on this planet be part of this huge transformation? perhaps not, as there will always be the old guard clinging on to the old ways and not willing to move on...but for humanity as such we are due for a huge"kick up the backside" but it is all for the best and is a hugely positive and progressive process. As the snake sheds its skin when it"grows", so does humanity right now...a rebirth really...much more can be said of course. i will add a comment on the rising hexagram (39) inthe next few days...i will also attempt at some stage to analyse thisevent through the science of numerology.



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