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April 2013 newsletter

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 4:15 PM
New website: http://www.higherinspiration.org
It is with much joy that I can now announce the publication of the new website. This updated website reflects more of what I do and who I am than the previous one, as I have been evolving over the years (we all do!) and I felt the urge to present myself in another, more accurate light over the past 2 years in particular.
There are additional services to be added very soon, like dowsing services and remote healing. I am presently in the process of putting the finishing touch to those services and the details.
Lotusfeettarot.com will still be running along with Higherinspiration.org for the foreseeable future, possibly for the next 2 years or so.
Discounted reading: The Soul Path reading discounted from £33 to £27.
As we are entering the new era and the new energies triggered by the unique configuration that took place on 21.12.2012 many people are becoming aware of the inner shift taking place within, at the soul level. This reading will shed light on many aspects of your soul patterns, what needs to be healed, what are the obstacles towards change, what you bring forward in this process of transformation and energy shift. This reading will also indicate the ancestral patterns and most importantly will explain your Soul "blueprint" pattern. (Who am I, why am I here, where am I heading for?)
This reading is a 10 cards spread and will also include some element of your numerology. I will also tune in to my guides to convey further information.
You are welcome to ask any question in this reading.

Many Blessings

january 2013 newletter

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 11:30 AM

January 2013 Newsletter





Wishing everyone, once again, the very best for 2013!

 As we enter 2013, I have been busy making important changes to the way I operate and project myself as well as completely revamping the  website and...more. I must say, that the last 3 months of 2012 had been very tough and "tiring" and I am aware that this would have been the case with many of you as well. I had in mind to go ahead with those changes later on in the year, but "destiny" took over and it has now taken place, in an effortless manner. Is this the legacy of the new year and the new energies coming through? Perhaps!

Of course, everyone will experience this in many different ways according to their own  situation. I am working on a new website which will be ready in a few weeks time, possibly by month end. Lotusfeettarot.com will still run in conjunction with Higherinspiration.org for the next few years. (Details will follow in the next newsletter)


I would like to share a  couple of chanelled messages and information, both relating to the country of India for some reasons...

. The first one is that the city of Calcutta (Kolkota) will rival Mumbai in years to come, with an incredible modernization process.Kolkota may become the main financial hub for India, possibly in 2 to 4 years time.

.  The second comes with a warning of things to come...potentially. In the "vision" the sky was dark with heavy, black clouds and fire in the clouds. The following words came through "...fire in the sky, police on the ground...". This channeling refers to India or a city of India, not sure which one. I am rather concerned at this warning,as this "felt" rather serious.


I am offering option 2, E-mail  reading at a 30% discounted rate, from £11 to £8. This is a 12 to 16 months projection on ONE specific or particular question or subject. Please inquire for details if in doubt.


The free one card reading service is still open, though it may take up to 7 days for your feedback to be sent to you, however, I will endeavor to dispatch it sooner.


Many Blessings


july 2012 newsletter

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Half way through the year 2012 already…many changes are taking place on the collective/global level as well as on the individual level and many of you would have experienced some changes in some aspects of your life. There can also be subtle changes on the spiritual and emotional level.

. To reflect this change, the website has been revamped. Itis now clearer, lighter and easier to navigate. I hope the site members will enjoy it. Feel free to give me any comments on the changes.

. I have added an additional reading which covers the life’spath on a long term basis. Numerology is used extensively in this reading. Due to a person’s free will, it is challenging to predict the future more than 1 to 2 years in advance after which the potential becomes vague and fluid; however this reading will indicate the main events and will reveal the potential of the person in many areas. It will indicate the soul’s purpose in this incarnation, the “baggage” brought forward from a previous life, the career path,relationships, the direction taken in this life amongst other things. The main events and phases of your life will be highlighted as well. You are invited to ask any questions you may have in this reading.


. There is a recent channelling form the Ancient Ones onLove and opening the heart centre. www.chanelingthehigherself.com


.The one card free reading is still “open” for the time being.


.The banking system and the new era.

I would like to take the readers back to 2 earlier postingsconcerning the banking system. The first one made in November 2008, posted in predictions in channelled messages on the website, the second in the I-Ching reading published in September 2009.  As I was keeping up with the Barclays bank “saga” this week, I could not help but think that the time (of reckoning) may have come. The banks have had many chances to reform over the past 2 to 3 years but I have been amazed at the arrogance and denial of those working in this industry. Is the chapter closing for them?...


Many Blessings,


June 2012 newsletter

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 1:05 PM

June 2012 newsletter  


This newsletter comes after a few months of "silence" so to speak,  mainly due to the effects of my personal year 5 added to the Universal year number 5 meaning many changes and minor disruption to the routine. i feel and I have confirmation that many of us are experiencing or have been experiencing such changes in our life like new jobs, change of residence, births or simply a change in our circumstances. Some of us would also experience upheavals and reversals as well...

As such many of us would also experience a "speeding up " of time, a sense that time is flying by much faster than in the past. I had put a blog on this 2 years ago. However I thought it would be useful to take up that theme again as it has become even more relevant this year 2012.

I am enclosing a write up which I feel explains much of this concept.

Reposted from The Awakening Website.

What is Schumann Resonance?

In 1899, a scientist and inventor named Nikola Tesla was performing energy experiments in Colorado Springs, USA, when he discovered that the Earth had a resonant frequency of approximately 8 Hz. Sadly, Tesla was ahead of his time. His discovery was documented, but it was not proven, and wouldn’t be for almost half a century.

Nearly 50 years later, in 1953, Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich was teaching his students about the physics of electricity when they discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces very specific pulsations. They’d stumbled on the vibrational pulse of the planet Earth. In 1954, scientific tests confirmed that, indeed, the planet Earth resonates at 7.83 Hertz, which was dubbed “Schumann Resonances” in honor of the man who provided the proof.

When Schumann’s test results were published, a physician named Dr Ankermueller immediately made the connection between Schumann Resonance and the frequency of brain waves. He was so excited to find that the Earth had the same resonance as human brainwaves in the Theta state that he contacted Dr. Schumann immediately.

Schumann was intrigued and asked a doctorate candidate, Herbert König, to look into it. König started a series of studies to compare human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of our environment. When König confirmed the relationship between the Earth’s resonance and human brainwaves, the science community was buzzing.

One of the foremost researchers into an earth/mind connection was Dr Wolfgang Ludwig. Ludwig’s goal was to discover which frequencies exist in a healthy environment. When he started doing his own tests, the first thing Ludwig discovered was that the Earth’s vibration could be clearly measured in nature and on the ocean, but measuring Schumann waves was impossible in the city because man-made electromagnetic signals interfered with and blocked out the Earth’s frequency. And that’s when brainwave studies got just a little wild.

In 1963, Professor Rutger Wever, from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs, built an underground bunker that screened out the Earth’s resonance. Wever was doing experiments with light and frequency and studying the affect on circadian rhythms. In each experiment, student volunteers agreed to live in the bunker for up to four weeks.

Wever’s bunkers were dismantled in the 80s, but in study results, Wever noted that when Schumann Resonances were filtered out of the bunker, the students’ physical and mental health suffered. They experienced stress, emotional distress and migraine headaches. After brief exposure to the 7.83 Hz frequency that had been screened out, their health stabilized quickly.

Simply put, human beings were not meant to live surrounded by power lines, satellite receivers and cell phone towers. We were meant to live surrounded by the natural resonance that helps us achieve our optimum brainwave state, but instead, we’ve created our own bunkers, cut off from the Earth’s frequency by our own inventions and conveniences. Is it any wonder that stress, depression and anxiety disorders are more abundant today than ever before in history?

When we measure a solid geometric shape, its height, length and width determine its Spatial dimensions. So everything in the physical third dimension can be described mathematically using three numbers. But, there is also a fourth dimension – Time.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published two scientific papers that involve the dynamics of moving bodies and the nature of Space and Time.

This formed the basis of his special Theory of Relativity, which is what led to his famous equation E = mc2.

Einstein’s theory states that ‘the way an object appears is relative to its observer‘. So, if you are sitting in a parked car and another motorist drives by you at 40 km per hour, the speed at which their car will appear to be moving is 40 km per hour. But, if you are driving your car at 40 km per hour alongside them, the speed at which their car will appear to be moving is zero km per hour. This, then, describes the dimension of Time.

We speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before Time began. Corinthians 2:6-8

The Earth has a vibrational frequency that is known as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency has held steady at around 7.83 Hz since at least the turn of the last century when it was first measured. The military based its global communications on this frequency because it was considered to be constant.

But this vibrational frequency has actually been increasing since 1987, the year of a succession of planetary alignments called the Harmonic Convergence. The word harmonic is defined as ‘a signal whose frequency is an integral multiple of the frequency of a reference signal.’ The word convergence means ‘the approach to a fixed state’.

By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz.[i] As this frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of Time, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in Time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz. And, as it moves into the higher vibrational frequencies, our own frequencies must also increase. This is the principle of resonance.  As our vibrational frequency speeds up, so will our concept of Time.  There will be more events taking place in less time.

Message from "The Ancient Ones".

As I had mentioned some months ago, a group/collective consciousness has been coming through in my channeling and they call themselves the ancient ones. You can find all the details and channeling reports on this site 


Free one card readings are still available on the main site. Please note that depending on the level of demand, it may take up to 7 days for the feedback to be emailed to you.


Jan/feb 2012

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 7:20 AM


January/February Newsletter

Wishing all of you all the very best for the year 2012!

I want to thank all my clients past, present...and future and wish them the very best for the coming year....

A quick update!....

As I enter my personal year number 5, changes have already taken place with a change of residence. (literally across the road!). This move has been more challenging than I could imagine for various reasons, however the "dust" is now settling down.

What is in store for the year with Lotus Feet Tarot? The first addition is a reading option through Skype which is now up and running.

A further development throughout the year will be channeled messages from a Spirit Guide that has been coming through for the last few years, whilst I was refining the technique. He is keen to share words of wisdom and to empower many of us...more to follow in the months ahead.

  Readings through skype.

  This service is now set up. This requires you to send me a skype request. Or send me an email and I will return your email with my skype details.

All reading to be paid in advance through paypal. At the time of booking, please contact me to arrange for a suitable day and time to conduct the reading.

There are 3 options available.

1) A short reading to look into one specific question or issue. This is about 10-15 minutes long.

2) A longer session lasting 30 minutes. This allows you to go deeper into one issue or explore more than one question and issues in the time allotted.

3) A full one hour session looking at all aspects of your life over the next 12 months and beyond. This is a full reading conducted as a face to face reading exploring the immediate issues, your close relationships, finances, career, health and travels and any other facts that may come to light.

Discounted reading.

Option 2 reading on the website is now discounted from £11 to £7 for a limited time.

What's new for the coming 12 months...

Over the next months, I will be posting channeled messages on the following website www.channelingthehigherself.webs.com as the messages are now coming faster and are also longer, coming in short discourse forms. Some of these channeled messages come from Spirit Guides and Higher Beings that have connected for some time and I had to learn to adjust to their "vibation" in order to "hear" them fully and correctly and to be able to transcribe their messages...more to follow...


MESSAGE FROM THE I-CHING I thought I would ask the "I-ching" about the main energies coming through on the global level in 2012

Hexagram 14 was drawn with no moving lines.

I must say I was a bit surprised by it, in view of what we have been going through for the last few years...

Hexagram 14 is titled Prosperity.

Let us study this kua a bit further. Hexagram 14 does indicate an upsurge in the fortune and prosperity, however it also implies a more even distribution of wealth and also implies that some of this wealth will be spend to help the more needy in society. There is a strong, distinct sense and indication of humanitarian endeavor associated with this hexagram. This breakthrough comes about as a result of hard work, dedication and re-adjustments.

The original text says

"Fire is above heaven,

An image of great harvest,

In correspondence with this,

The superior person represses evil and promotes good,

carrying out the glorious virtue of heaven"

(The complete I-ching-master Alfred Huang)

I think the i-ching indicates a change in the global circumstances and also most importantly a change in attitude from the "powers that be", the people in authority...Food for thought!

Sept/October 2011 newsletter

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 5:15 PM

September/Octobe r2011 Newsletter



As we enter the last quarter of the year 2011, I am offering the option 4 reading, IN-DEPTH GENERAL READING for the discounted rate of £26 down from the regular £38. This reading is a 12months (+) forecast in all major aspects of your life. I use both the cards and numerology to compile the feedback.I also tap and connect to my guides to pass on any relevant message. This option also allows you to get further (free) feedback and updates over the following 4-5 months.


I am in the process of constructing a website dedicated to channeling. The idea is to put up channeled messages for the benefit of the collective on a regular basis. As we know, the next 12 months and beyond are very important in the history of humanity and so much knowledge and wisdom is now coming through. The aim is to offer the opportunity for all members of this website to post their channeled messages, should they wish to. They will of course, remain the "owner" to their channeled messages and they will be fully accredited.



Please note that I am in the process of taking a reading room in a new location. Bookings for tarot readings and E.I.P. sessions will be soon taken for the Limehouse location. Situated round the corner of Limehouse station (on the C2C rail network and DLR), this will allow clients based in London and the Docklands area to reach me rather than having to trek all the way to Essex/East London.Here is a map of the location. http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=535969&Y=180960&A=Y&Z=110

Please phone for details and availability.07722943539


The guest book on the website has been reopened. I had closed it sometime last year due to abuse of the site, with people posting hteir own services and advertising on my site. The idea is for all members to interact freely on this site. I will be monitoring this on a regular basis and all unauthorized posting removed as to allow spiritual exchange to take place as was intended originally. I will myself be participating much more to this exchange...looking forward to this.


  I am now giving regular readings for a corporate event company based in central London. Perhaps I will meet you there...


  What does the I-ching (the book of change) says about the global situation over the next 3 months. The hexagram number 9 called "The taming power of the small" was drawn. The I-ching indicates that there are still obstacles to be overcome...We are not out of the woods as yet. I feel this refers particularly to financial concerns around the world as well as general situation. However eager we are to move on and get out of the past months obstacles and problems, the global situation may not improve that much from what it has been lately and this is likely to last until the end of the year 2011. It appears we are reached a stalemate and the timing is not auspicious for a breakthrough in world problems, mainly on the economic front. Once again, foresight, careful planning and a realistic approach is called for. This does also indicate a gloomy outlook for stock markets round the world.

This I-ching feedback will become a regular feature of the newsletter.

  Words of wisdom




May newsletter

Posted on August 10, 2011 at 5:50 AM


lotusfeettarot Site Owner

Posts: 17 May Newsletter




As we are entering the new era and the new energies triggered by the unique configuration taking place on 21.12.2012 many people are becoming aware of the inner shift taking place within at the soul level. This reading will shed light on many aspects of your soul patterns, what needs to be healed, what are the obstacles towards change, what you bring forward in this process of transformation and energy shift. This reading will also indicate the ancestral patterns and most importantly will explain your Soul "blueprint" pattern.(Who am I, why am I here, where am I heading for?)

This reading is a 10 cards spread and I will also tune in to my guides to convey further information.

Avail this reading for £22 (promotional price.)



I just thought I would share this information channelled recently...

The wild and unpredictable weather that we have been experiencing for many years now is likely to continue until 2018. After that date, new weather patterns will emerge throughout the globe and the weather will settle. But in other words, there will be a change as to what we accept so far as a weather pattern. Europe will actually cool down to some extent...



A range of handmade crystal jewellery will be available soon. These are being handcrafted by a local artist. More to follow..


“Truth is in your sahasrara.  And when the truth comes in, you are surprised that truth is love and love is truth, pure love.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


february 2011 newsletter

Posted on February 14, 2011 at 3:45 PM




Please note that I will be out ofthe UKfrom February 15th to March 4th. All services aresuspended until I return. This includes the free readings, face to facereadings and all e-mail and phone services.

Please feel free to contact me after March 4th.


2011 so far…

Weare now well into the year and many people have found the first few months hardgoing so far for many reasons . Many also find it difficult to get motivated orare faced with many nagging problems.

This comes with the energies of a number 4 universal year as was mentioned in one of the earliest newsletter. A number 4 year feels “serious” with perhaps not much of a sense of fun. Much can be achieved though, but it will be achieved throughhard work and much organization.

It appears, many of us are feeling this…


Cosmic ordering…does it work?

Cosmic ordering has been popular for some time now, but this concept can bemisunderstood and lead to disappointments. Books like “the Secret” have done much to popularize this concept but more and more people are now realizing and complaining that it does not work, a new book has also come out to support thisnotion.

It does not mean that cosmic ordering does not work, but one very crucial piece of information was “omitted” in such books. In order for cosmic ordering or “wishlists” to deliver, we must remove any negative subliminal message “running” in our subconscious.

We have all heard such expression as “no pain, no gain”, or I must” work hard tomake a living” etc. In the west, this is particularly relevant as most of ushave grown with parents who suffered deprivations in the war and have passed onto the next generation a message of lack, deprivation and sacrifice. Many have taken on this message on a subconscious level where it interferes with ourconscious mind. Removing this message through our conscious mind and will powe  rmay not work and positive affirmations may only work temporarily before the person falls back into the previous limiting beliefs.

I have ventured to mention this as more and more people are now voicing their doubts on this method. It has also been one of my main preoccupations for many years, as I tried to remove a very stubborn limiting belief that was formed ina previous incarnation.

Thesecret?? E.I.P was the miracle tool for me. It works on many layers and theeffects and benefits are felt well after the session has taken place.

More info…http://www.freewebs.com/lotusfeetwellness


The next newsletter will deal with fear both on the individual and collective leveland what we can do about it.




December newsletter

Posted on December 14, 2010 at 2:00 PM


(December 2010)







Everything in life is a cycle. Everything in nature runs in a cycle. My personal observations of reading  the tarot  for the past several years has been that the Tarot enables us to be aware of those cycles and to work with them and to use them to the maximum. I also firmly believe, based on my observations, that the "future" is not set. We make our future according to the decisions and actions that we take today. Hence knowing what influences or cycles are affecting us at the present moment  help us modify our lives for the better.We have a distinct advantage that we have FREE WILL-whether it is a blessing or a curse-we are responsible for our actions and can to a great extend have control on our life.



A Psychic tarot reading not only sheds light on the potential or events ahead but also gives guidance and advice on day to day and important dilemmas that we may be faced with.

The second edition of the December newsletter will focus more on upcoming events and predictions for 2011.

Nevertheless, here is an information/message that was "channeled" recently.


Western Somoa... Western Somoa islands could be hit by an ecological or natural disaster at some stage and all its entire population may need to be relocated...mainly in Australia. This could take place 2 years from now, or within the next 2 years.I had to do some research upon channeling this info, as I am not familiar with somoa islands or this part of the world. This concerns western somoa in particular (this was very clear).Time will tell but it is a major event(if it happens)Another piece of information channeled recently..

.The price of oil (petrol). It is likely that the wholesale price of petrol will rise, pushing many people to the brink financially. many governments, as well as the UK may now seriously consider and work towards alternative to oil, as they may feel that it is not viable any more and will not want to be manipulated any more...We can expect a big push for the production of alternative energy.Time scale...? 2011 perhaps, at least the start/trigger will take place soon.Time will tell... .The USA..

.Please refer to the blog on the website  dated January 2009.This is what I said at the time..

"...A quickfeedback for my Americans clients (I did promise them!). Obama, what will behis influence on the USAand the world? Right away we can see TREMENDOUS potential for him and thecountry (3 Aces and the Magician in the spread). In many respects he is a“dream come true” for many people both at home and abroad, lots of hopes andexpectations. The sense of Justice comes through very strongly and many“wrongs” of the past policies (the past history of America) will be rectified. This couldbe beneficial to all minorities. Having said that, I feel that he may not beable to achieve as much as he wishes to, and that may cause him some regrets orperhaps even a “sense” of failure. Nevertheless, Obama will be the trigger forpushing the USAinto a new era and into the next stage of its history. ..More to follow..."President Obama is now facing much obstacle and his political life and survival is now in doubt...many people have lost faith. There is no magic wand in this scenario and every country in the world is facing or having to face up to restrictions and recession. nevertheless, the US will go through major changes over the next few years and domestic problems will be the major concern of the government. International affair may take more of a back seat so to speak...I will later in the month, give more insight into this issue...


We will soon transiting from a Universal year number 3 to a Universal year number 4. What are the global implications? This will be studied in the next newsletter.Individually, a numerology reading will shed light on this.Incidentally, the email numerology reading is still in the process of being finalized but should be up and running soon.A numerology reading can be availed in a face to face reading along with using the cards and other tools.



Wishing everyone lots of fun over the festive season!


September 2010 newsletter

Posted on September 18, 2010 at 8:12 PM




September newsletter




Mercury retrograde...the opportunities!

As many of you may know, we have just come out of a mercury retrograde period. This run from August 20th to September 12th. Mercury being amongst many things, the planet of communication, this often indicates delays in communication and travel, misunderstanding, lost messages etc. It also enable us to "retrace our steps" and perhaps finish what we did not manage to accomplish first time round, on the positive side.

In my own personal life, this retrograde period has enabled me to get in touch with many of my old school and college "pals"...and this in a totally spontaneous and effortless way.

I have found , quite by chance a french website specialising in reuniting schools pals and friends. So far I have managed to trace half a dozen such colleagues of mine, whom I had not been in touch for well over 35 years...well, mercury retrograde has some positive results...this is one of them.


Numerology service.

At the beginning of the year I had announced the launch of a numerology service sometime towards the end of 2010. This is now taking shape and should in fact be up and running by next month. This would be a complete, personalised numerology analysis. So much can be gained from our date of birth and names. It enables us to identify our strengths, weaknesses, our lessons and challenges in this life and sheds light on the potential ahead. It is also a wonderful tool to study the influences from past/previous life that we bring forward into the present.

So, look out for this new service on the website!!! There could be a promotional launch rate for this service, for a limited time.


The free reading service is not available at present and is likely to be unavailable for some time, due to time constraint. The alternative is a I-ching reading which is in itself very deep and in depth. This is available for £8. Of course you still have the choice of further, more specialised tarot readings as well.


Looking forward to meet you on the other side of September...my birthday month incidentally!





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