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 As well as reading tarot cards for the past eleven years, I am a fully qualified reflexologist and E.I.P. practitioner. I previously worked for a number of years in the food and hospitality industry and spent ten years living in India and I have been practicing meditation for the last 25 years. I put the emphasis on empowering my clients by giving very simple but yet very effective techniques and affirmations to deal with everyday stress. I am a member of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

Everything in life is a cycle. Everything in nature runs in a cycle. My personnal observations of reading  the tarot  for the past several years has been that the Tarot enables us to be aware of those cycles and to work with them and to use them to the maximum. I also firmly believe, based on my observations, that the "future" is not set. We make our future according to the decisions and actions that we take today. Hence knowing what influences or cycles are affecting us at the present moment  help us modify our lives for the better.We have a distinct advantage that we have FREE WILL-whether it is a blessing or a curse-we are responsible for our actions and can to a great extend have control on our lives. Please refer to the Lotusfeet Tarot Code of Ethics.


I use the Tarot as a multi level instrument to explore your personal and professional concerns. My focus is not so much to predict but to empower the client with guidance and to determine potential actions which will serve as transformative,positive solutions. We are all born with FREE WILL, and a Tarot reading provides a "snapshot" of the future based on matters remaining the same as they are at the time of the reading.  We have the power to change the "picture" if so desired. Tarot is a symbolic language, eg. the Death card does not mean physical death.

I am a Tarot reader, not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. I strongly suggest that you seek professional advice on any medical, legal,or financial matters. I will treat everyone coming to me with respect, sensitivity and compassion. Your Reading and any information you give will remain in strict confidence. I will remain a neutral party and will not judge your past, present and future actions. Any decisions you choose to make based on the Reading are your responsibility.

Payment for the reading will be agreed and received before the reading commences. I will strive to deliver total satisfaction with the reading, but will refund payment if the client feels that he has not been provided with a professional service. Please note that I will read for a client face to face and never for a third, absent party. I will not read for a person under the age of 18 years, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Wishing you lots of Blessings.  Remember, the Tarot impels. It does not compel. You are the one holding your future in your hand.


I came across Francois’ website by ‘chance’, I have since learnt coincidences are not random. I arranged to meet with no idea of what to expect or experience, I only felt an open approach would suffice.

I met with someone who has attained much knowledge and respect for ancient philosophies and world religions combined with the practices used resulted in providing me a ‘whole’ view perspective of myself/my situation, the accuracy of Francois’ findings was unbelievable. I have learnt so much about myself, my possibilities, my choices and how to direct myself towards my aim in life.

I feel that I am now on my voyage of discovery ............ to learn, establish and experience my path in this life. I am grateful that I came across Francois Schwob, his insight and his therapies.

 I would ask you to come with an open approach, expect nothing but trust in Francois and his abilities. I wish you success in finding your path .......... the start of your journey.

S.B. East London


"What a hidden gem he is. Talented, precise and grounded in integrity. No doubt Francois is in demand, but my God, does he make the time for you. His compassion and great deal of care shines through in his insights, which, by the way, is, ofcourse, spot on. Astonishing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. [withhold name] "  (July 2012)

Dear Francois,
When I was in great need you helped me with your gift and skills and I would never happen if my friend would not tell me about you and her meeting with you.
I recommend your tarot readings and numerology sessions as much as EIP session which changed my life by what you showed me and helped me to understand. I realize it's just a tip of an Iceberg and I would like to be able to help other people at least a half as much as you helped me and my friends.
I appreciate every single day what you did for me by sharing what you have best to share in your life with complete stranger I was when I passed through your door. I don't feel a stranger anymore as the help from you and your spiritual guide is more than I could expect and I see results of this help in my life since. I'm a happier, 'lighter', more self aware and confident person comparing to who I was before we've met and I think about you as a friend.
Your newsletter is also what I share with my friends and family.
G.     (July 2012)

04:40 PM on November 27, 2009
francois did a reading for me elsewhere and i can tell you it was spot on,,he did say there was more to say but until now i havent been able to come online and find out,,this man is awesome,

Im writing to"  thank you Francois, "for the excellent reading you did for me , ...
you were prompt in your reply by e-mail and the content covered a lot of different area,s tarot, i ching, my life path number , so it was worth the money ,and feel theres such a array of prices to suite every one anyway, i got the �26;00 one and was more then happy with the content . anyone wishing to have any type of reading done from Francois, i would recommend you go ahead, mine was spot on and helped me in the different aspects of my life ,at the moment. greatest regards, Francois.
                                                       l.bassett .                                                1/nov/2009.
Thankyou so much for this reading. Yes I am in the process of writing
a book and Ive felt a strong calling to do this but maybe didnt have the guts!
I appreciate the time you took to read for me Im so very pleased.
I will put a link too your site on my site if thats ok with you.
Its amazing how the Universe works , you know I have got throat problems
and yes Ive been known too smoke (lol)
Im also a singer and I find I lose my voice after an hour or so and Im asking
the Angels too help release this.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

.vous avez �t� clair et direct et vous avez vu juste au sujet de mon pass� et mon changement (ma transition et ma transformation) et vous m'avez m�me offert l'oracle des Faeries et c'est une tr�s agr�able surprise.
Je suis un peu plus sereine.Encore merci Fran�ois.
(Email sent 04.2009)

Dear Francois,
I don't know if you remember me. I came to see you last April to F....
H.... (2 French Moroccan girls)
I just wanted to let you know that everything you mentioned during our
session happened!!! Change of house, starting a new course important for my
career and above all, redundancy. Although you mentioned redundancy but
didn't know if it was for me, per say. Well my position and my colleague's
position are being made into one position only and by March one of us will
be selected for redundancy. I think this is amazing!!! and by the way,
F..... had a great job offer in Morocco and now she works in Rabat.
You are goooood mister!!!!
(Email sent 10.02.2009)

Thank You Francois for your help.   You tuned into me so well and readers always find me difficult to read to connect to but you did immediately and have been so accurate.  From a one card free reading You have given me a great deal of insight and direction.   I will definately have a full reading with you soon.   To those reading this - I highly recommend Francois He is excellent.  Joylina
(sent through E-mail 27.01.2009)

"Thank you so much for my one card reading. It was so good. Very accurate and I am most impressed. It sounded so positive and has lifted my spirits......." pip

"I owe you a debt of gratitude for the extra work you did for me. Your explanation made very good sense.....My heartfelt thanks to you."  Lydia (Canada)

"This is incredible. A lot of what you have told me is identical to my other readings.........Once again many thanks"  Pam (UK)

"Thank you VERRRRY much for your help"  June (Australia)

I am writing to thank you very much for the reading...it seems very pertinent to my life at the moment. ...just to say once more thank you for your time and very prompt reply.  Jan (UK)

...you don't know, but you actualy saved my life today...can't thank you enough...thanks a ton.   Shalini (new Delhi- India)

Thank you so much for your words of inspiration and kindness, they are a great help to us all. ....I have always been a great believer that some day we will be reunited....  Annette 

Thank you very much for your reading. It was extremely accurate in many ways. Many thanks

A few things you said did ring a few bells...and I think you have confirmed a couple of things that deep down I already knew but was afraid to admit...  Dave (UK)

Thank you once again for your reading...X is abroad working so you were right saying that one of us is busy. The thing about adjustments one has to make is also right. I have to change job if I want to be with him.   Berod (UK)

First of all I would like to say that you are the second person (let's say clairvoyant) who told me those things about me...Thank you Francois. I did not expect to hear all this information but maybe I should know what my destiny has prepared for me, even if I don't like it.  Fressia (London)

Thank you Francois. In my opinion you did your job very well. I need some hope and you gave it. I will try to keep your words in memory and that the future is not "written in stone".  Thomas (London)

Thank you very much for my reading. It was extremely acurate in many ways-many thanks  Annette (UK)

Thank you very much for your E-Mail. It has cleared things up. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Kind regards.  Akexandra (UK)

After having been through a confusing time recently, your reading provided me with a focus on life, helped me make some decisions, explained a lot of issues and gave me a sense of direction which I had lost a while back. I now feel happy and confident to face the days ahead with renewed optimism , which had been lost for a while. Thanks for everything.  A......(Gibraltar)

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such as indepth reading! I really appreciate it. Merci beaucoup! J'appr��cie votre aide.
Wow, the queen of swords appears to represent me well! I'd (like to think) that I'm a fairly intelligent person, and I definitely use my mental abilities to help me in my decision making. I try to make logical and practical decisions...I'm not too much of an idealist. And you hit the nail in the head when you said that I like a mental challenge, and that I get bored quickly without challenges. I do get bored very quickly! :) And it does take me time to open up to people. I am very close with my family, and I have a few close friends, and also many acquaintances........... Tina Z. (Maryland USA)

Thankyou , thankyou , thankyou, you have helped me clarify  a few nagging doubts.. The reading was spot on .. Regards sue x
Sue  (UK)

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